New sharpening service available

We are now offering a sharpening service to complement our other services.

Greg has many years of experience sharpening all manner of tools, from knives and axes through to carving and turning chisels, planes and spokeshaves, saws and more.

Using state of the art equipment, Greg can sharpen most things that you can imagine, and has the skills to hand sharpen the more unusual items that the sharpening machines cannot handle…

The introductory price list current as at June 2016 is as follows:

Most knives are $5 each, including pocket knives and kitchen knives. Extra large knives, machetes, and serrated knives can be sharpened but these will need quoting.

Chisels and plane irons are $3 if less than 12mm wide, $5 from 12-60mm and $7.50 for more than 60mm width. Badly damaged or chipped blades that need fully reprofiling are $7.50 up to 12mm, $10 from 12-60mm, and $12.50 for over 60mm

Drill bits;

Under 6mm  $1 each

6-10mm        $2

11-13mm       $2.50

14-16mm      $3

17-21mm      $3.50

21-25mm      $4

26-30mm     $5

31-40mm     $6

41-50mm      $7

Over 50mm by quote. Badly damaged drill bits or broken drill bits can be sharpened, but I will need to grind the end flat and start fresh. This costs twice the normal price for a sharpen. As long as some flutes are remaining I can regrind a broken drill bit into a short bit that drills well.

Lawnmower blades are $2 per blade for a touch up on swing back blades like those on Victa mowers and $10 to resharpen the one piece bar blades found on some other mowers.

Hand saws can be sharpened, price depends on the size of the saw and how fine the teeth are as well as the condition of the teeth.

Tool restoration services are offered from a clean up and de-rusting to full refurbishment with replacement of damaged or missing woodwork and refinishing. Contact me to discuss your requirements.

I will sharpen individual tools on a drop off and pick up basis, and I also offer a mobile sharpening service for knives and most tools where I come to your door and sharpen them on the spot! Minimum fee of $50 for the mobile service.

As I said, I can sharpen most things, so if you have an unusual request no matter how weird, please let me know!