A little bit of landscaping

While our main focus is caring for lawns and gardens, Milligan Gardens also does smaller landscaping projects.

Here are a few photos  before and after of a project that we have just done, a sloping piece of ground was turned into a set of swish steps!



Here is almost the beginning…digging has begun, but this is basically what we started with, an uneven slope with some rough terraces formed by rocks.



Steps defined with treated pine sleepers, back filled and ready to add the surface finish!




And here is the finished product!

A double row of 400×400 concrete pavers surrounded by pink crushed rock.

There will be a lot more work done on this property before the yard is finished, but this shows what can be achieved to lift the look of a property without spending a fortune.

These steps cost less than $700 to build, so a modern look can be had on a budget. Most of the cost was labour, as there was a lot of digging and paving  is time consuming. Without the pavers the job would have been a little over half the price, but this does look better.