Lawn Care Services

Lawn care is our core business. Milligan Gardens has the equipment and experience to have your lawns looking great all year round.  We can tailor our services to suit your needs and budget, so give us a call or send an email and arrange a quote!

A lawn that is regularly maintained will look great, and will be strong and healthy. They will keep Councils and Landlords happy, as well as reducing habitat for pests.

Ideally no more than a third of the grass length is removed at each mowing.  This keeps the ratio of grass to roots in a healthy balance. A stressed lawn can be brought back to health with the right management.

A well maintained lawn will stay green longer, and is more resistant to dry weather. It will also look more “lush”.

We can tame any lawn, even waist high jungles that haven’t been cut in ages!  We recommend regular lawn maintenance as a stressed lawn will take longer to tend to, and will take a greater toll on equipment.  A well maintained lawn attracts a lower service fee for this reason.

We can offer a regular scheduled service package that is tailored to your requirements.  We also do one off clean ups, over-hauls, or special circumstance maintenance such as for sale of house, or when you are relaxing on holiday.

One off jobs are quoted according to the amount of work needed.  Regular service can be arranged as a set price per service, or as a yearly contract giving a set monthly price that is all inclusive of any extras in your package such as fertilising and weed control. Price is set for your specific yard and needs.

We offer three basic levels of lawn maintenance package, although we can tweak these to suit your needs;

The Absolute Basics

This is the bare minimum standard to keep the Council or Landlord off your back. It is not so much “lawn care” as “lawn control”. With this level of care your lawn will be cut once every 4 weeks year round.  If you choose this level of maintenance, your lawn will not be the envy of the street, but it won’t be the local embarrassment either.

This level of care is not suitable for those who water or fertilise their lawns.

The Standard Package

We will have your lawn looking neat and tidy, as well as being healthy. Your lawn will be cut every two weeks through the growing season, and trimmed every four weeks through the slow season.  Clippings will be caught or mulched. Edges will be neatly trimmed, and pathway edges kept neat. Once per year the lawn will be spot sprayed for weeds (Cape weed and dandelions are both common in the Hobart area in lawns) and an application of fertiliser will also be applied once per year with reseeding of thin patches.

This level of care is suited to those who water their lawns occasionally to stop it from browning off in the heat of summer. This level of care is good for most lawns in Hobart and surrounds and will give a well maintained appearance that you can be proud of.


The Gold Standard

Is your lawn very important to you? Does your heart break at the sight of summer browning or weeds in your verdant masterpiece? If so then this package is for you!

With this level of care, your lawn is cut weekly from when it begins growing stronger in spring until it goes dormant in winter. Through winter it will be trimmed every two weeks to keep it looking pristine.  All clippings are caught and removed. All edges are trimmed to perfection. Weed control spraying is carried out twice a year as well as spot treatments whenever weeds are observed. Fertilising is carried out twice a year. Dethatching and coring are carried out as needed. Reseeding is carried out along with the fertilising to keep your lawn lush and full. Top dressing is done when needed.

If you like your lawn really short then this package is ideal for you. This level of care is suited to those who really care about their lawns and demand perfection. In Hobart summers you will need to water your lawn regularly to keep it happy and green.

We can tailor our services to suit your needs and budget, so give us a call or send an email and arrange a quote!

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Preparing for a new lawn to be sowed